Toptal Alternatives: 10 Competitors to Toptal for Hiring Developers

October 27, 2021
Reх Huхford
Looking for alternatives to Toptal? We’ve identified 10 competitors to Toptal that are worth your consideration when looking to hire tech talent.
Toptal Alternatives: 10 Competitors to Toptal for Hiring Developers

Companies across all industries are increasingly seeking help with talent acquisition. This has led to the creation of a large number of networks to help connect freelancers to the companies that need them. Not all freelance networks are the same, however, and you should take some time to research a gig network before deciding if it meets your needs and budget.

Toptal is a freelance network that has earned a reputation for supplying companies with top-tier freelancers for product and project management, software development, web design, and financial management. Toptal may be one of the best-known freelance networks, but there are several reasons why it may not be the best choice for you.

This article will present some valuable, lesser-known Toptal alternatives.

Why Should You Look for Toptal Alternatives?

While Toptal is well respected, that doesn't mean it is without flaws. Here are three of the most common complaints about Toptal.

Toptal Is Pricey

Toptal’s pricing schedule includes a very high commission that it takes off the top of its freelancers' pay. Even if you have no problem paying top dollar to get highly skilled workers, you may not want to pay a large portion of that money to people who aren't actually doing the work. As Toptal has grown, it has changed its business model and now employs a full-time management staff. It passes the cost of this staff onto customers in the form of very high commission rates.

For large corporations, the pay rate Toptal is asking may be a cost that can be absorbed. For smaller companies – particularly those that are just getting started – this may be more than they can afford.

Toptal Isn’t Flexible with Contracts

Although Toptal presents itself as the right solution for businesses of all sizes, its rigid contracts seem to counter that statement. There are only two options for hourly commitments: 20 or 40 hours per week. This may be considerably more time than a small business or startup needs.

Also, unlike many of its competitors, Toptal does not offer discounted rates for long-term commitments. Paying a great deal to complete a short-term project may make sense but paying that amount month after month could drain even the healthiest of small businesses’ budgets.

Toptal’s Customer Service Is Lacking

One might think that a company charging premium prices would provide its customers with top-notch customer service. Unfortunately, this is just not the case with Toptal. Its lack of customer support has been noted by many of its customers.

From the start, Toptal makes it difficult for companies to get the help they need quickly and easily. Toptal requires its customers to make contact multiple times before it even starts the process of looking for the right candidates. This can lead to a delay of up to three weeks between the first consultation and the customer being able to make use of the services they need.

If you've heard enough about Toptal to know that you want to see other options, then keep reading. Below you'll find a list of side-by-side comparisons between Toptal and its competitors to point you in the right direction.

Toptal vs. Its Competitors

Toptal vs. Upwork

Upwork is quite a bit different from Toptal. It is not a full-service network that will find the right candidate and hire them for you. Instead, Upwork is a job board where freelancers from almost any niche – from software development and design to writing to graphic arts – sign up to access the jobs you post.

When you post a job, gig workers will contact you with their bids for the project. You then get to decide whether you want to pay more for higher quality work or get the job done for the lowest price. Once you narrow the field, you must handle both the interview and hiring processes by yourself.

How Does Toptal Compare to Upwork?


  • Expensive
  • High-quality professionals in your chosen field are hired for you
  • You pay one bill and all of the details are covered, including deadlines
  • Better for long-term and team-based projects


  • You decide the cost of getting the project done
  • You must screen and interview the applicants
  • You must keep track of the project’s progress
  • Better for one-time, short-term projects  
How Much Does Upwork Cost?

You can post a job on Upwork for free, but you will pay 3% of the price you agree to pay the freelancer to Upwork upon hiring. It also offers memberships – for $49.99 a month, a Plus membership will give you a limited number of job postings that are guaranteed to appear at the top of a search, and for $499 a month, a Business membership will offer additional benefits.

The rates set by freelancers vary a great deal. You may pay as little as $8 per hour or as much as $200 per hour.

Toptal vs. Fiverr

Fiverr was developed to match freelancers with those who have single, usually short-term projects. On Fiverr, those in need of services post jobs and gig workers let them know how long it will take to complete each project along with the amount of pay they expect.

Most of the postings found on Fiverr are for single, specific projects like building a website or creating an app. The platform is useful for individuals or startup companies with a clear idea of what they need and a small budget with which to get it.

How Does Toptal Compare to Fiverr?


  • More expensive
  • High-quality professionals are hired for you
  • You pay one bill and all of the details are covered for you
  • Better for long-term or team-based projects


  • You decide how much it will cost to get a project done
  • You must screen and interview applicants
  • You are responsible for keeping track of the project's progress
  • Better for short-term projects
How Much Does Fiverr Cost?

With Fiverr, you pay for the total project instead of an hourly rate. Prices vary widely, from $5 for a simple project into the thousands for one that's more complex.

Toptal vs. Turing

Turing is a firm designed to provide companies with access to high-quality software developers. It offers its customers access to prescreened and high-quality developers. Turing makes it simple: you detail what you need and it finds the right software developer, interviews them, and hires them, all within three days.

Turing's prices are set by the engineers and developers themselves, but access to the highest paying jobs is reserved for those with exceptional experience and high ratings in the system. So, if you are looking for the most advanced skill sets, you will pay more for them here.

How Does Toptal Compare to Turing?


  • Set pricing, usually more expensive
  • Preset hourly commitments in its contracts
  • Can provide you with gig workers in fields other than software engineering
  • Better for long-term or team-based projects


  • Pricing varies depending on the complexity of the project and the experience level of the worker
  • Can hire on an hourly or per per-project basis
  • Only connects you with freelancers in computer software fields
  • Useful for long-term or short-term projects
How Much Does Turing Cost?

There is no set pricing for Turing customers because the software engineers set their own prices. However, because prices can be set by the project or by the hour, you will likely pay less for single, short-term projects than you would at Toptal.

Toptal vs. Upstack

Upstack connects companies with freelance software developers for hire. Its customers are set up with a dedicated representative to help with the process and ask the right questions to get you started. Using the answers you have given, an AI-based system is used to best match developers with your needs. To be sure that the candidate chosen by the system will meet your needs and integrate with your current team, Upstack offers a 14-day free trial.

How Does Toptal Compare to Upstack?


  • Preset hourly commitments in its contracts
  • Can provide workers in fields other than software development
  • Poor customer service
  • Best for large companies and long-term projects


  • Flexible contracts and a free trial
  • Only has freelancers in fields related to software development
  • Dedicated service rep for each customer, quality customer service
  • Expensive but more adaptable than Toptal
How Much Does Upstack Cost?

Upstack requires a deposit of $399 to get started, which is later deducted from the first invoice. After the 14-day free trial, the cost ranges from $1000 to $2000 per week.

Toptal vs.

Originally developed as a mentoring platform where developers could share insights and help grow new talent, has branched out and now offers a hiring platform. This platform is not for freelance workers, but rather software engineers who are looking for full-time, remote employment. not only prescreens all of its candidates but because many of its employable developers are from outside the United States, it also takes care of international compliance, payroll, and benefits.

How Does Toptal Compare to


  • Provides full-time, part-time, and freelance options
  • Offers skill sets other than software development
  • Limited involvement after hiring
  • Does not provide training

  • Only provides full-time, remote employees
  • Only offers employees in fields related to software engineering
  • Handles payroll and benefits for the length of the contract
  • Provides mentorship for potential employees
How Much Does Cost?’s pricing is similar to that of Toptal. You should expect to pay from $60 to $200 per hour and all employees work a full 40-hour workweek.

Toptal vs. Flexiple

Flexiple is a network devoted to matching software developers with those in need of their services. Its prescreening process not only includes skill evaluations but also looks at the soft skills each of the candidates possesses.

After determining the customers' needs, Flexiple combs through its available developers to find one that matches these needs. It offers a one-week free trial so you can be sure that the selected candidate can do the job and is a good match for your team.

How Does Toptal Compare to Flexiple?


  • More expensive
  • Offers candidates in fields other than software development
  • Poor customer service
  • More software-related niche skills offered


  • Less expensive for developers of similar quality
  • Only offers candidates in fields related to software development
  • Great customer service, including 24/7 on-call support
  • Fewer specialized developers available
How Much Does Flexiple Cost?

Flexiple's prices are 40% to 60% lower than Toptal’s, averaging between $30 and $80 per hour. This may make Flexiple a wise choice for small companies or those who are just getting started.

Toptal vs. Gigster

Gigster is designed to provide your company with everyone you need to finish a software project. Customers share what they need to accomplish on the platform and Gigster provides them with a team that may include architects, developers, and project managers. From inspiration to implementation, Gigster has what you need.

Because assembling a whole team requires the consideration of many different variables, Gigster uses an AI-based system to match the members of the team with each other and to match the team to your project.

How Does Toptal Compare to Gigster?


  • Pricing based on an hourly pay rate
  • Offers individuals or teams, depending on your needs
  • Offers candidates in fields other than software management
  • Can be used to find help with small projects


  • Charges customers by the project
  • Does not take on small projects
  • Provides full teams, including project managers if necessary
  • Only provides workers in fields related to software engineering
How Much Does Gigster Cost?

Prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. According to Gigster’s website, they will not take on a project worth less than $52,000.

Toptal vs. is a network of freelance developers interested in helping startup companies get their businesses off to a great start. It provides full-time employees for the duration of each project. does not accept projects that will take less than 100 hours to complete.

How Does Toptal Compare to


  • Contracts may be for 20 or 40 hours per week
  • Offers candidates in fields other than software development
  • Candidates can be hired to do projects of any size
  • More expensive

  • Provides full-time employees for the duration of a given project
  • Only offers software developers
  • Projects must be at least 100 hours  
  • Less expensive
How Much Does Cost?

Hourly rates range from $35 to $55 per hour and all hires must be given 40-hour workweeks for the duration of the projects.  

Toptal vs. is different from most freelance networks. Rather than being run by a central management team that finds developers to connect to employers, is a close-knit community of software engineers that limits who may join its ranks.

Developers who wish to be a part of Gun-io must be recommended by someone known to the platform and then go through a rigorous vetting process.

How Does Toptal Compare to


  • Wider range of prices
  • Larger pool of developers to choose from
  • Offers skill sets other than software engineering
  • Anyone can apply to work for them

  • More narrow range of prices, all of them on the higher side
  • Smaller pool of developers to choose from
  • Only offers software development professionals
  • Developers must be invited and approved before applying
How Much Does Cost? is one of the pricier options for hiring software developers. Hourly rates range from $75 to $150.

Toptal vs. Revelo

Revelo is a platform for matching tech talent from Latin America with companies that need full-time, remote additions to their teams. It does not offer freelancers or professionals hired for individual projects. Instead, it offers fully vetted and skilled full-time employees who will work with your company.

Within days of your first consultation, Revelo will provide you with candidates who match not only the technical skills required but also the soft skills necessary to quickly become a productive part of your team. Revelo makes it easy to hire remote workers from Latin America by taking care of all the legal red tape as well as payroll, benefits, and perks.

How Does Toptal Compare to Revelo?


  • Offers freelance, full-time and part-time options
  • Offers skill sets outside of software development
  • Candidates can be hired by the project or for short- or long-term work
  • Remote workers may be in vastly different time zones


  • Does not offer freelancers, only full-time employees
  • Only offers tech professionals
  • Offers remote workers in US time zones
  • Provides team members quickly
How Much Does Revelo Cost?

Revelo costs $1,800 monthly plus the developer's salary.

Which Toptal Alternative Is Best for You?

With so many Toptal competitors to choose from, it might be helpful if we offer advice based on specific needs. Here are some good options based on what you may be looking for.

A) If you want a less expensive clone of Toptal and Flexiple offer services very similar to the high-quality personnel you would find at Toptal but at significantly lower prices. The services offered include:

  • A personalized matching process
  • Prescreening of all candidates
  • Quick response times
  • The ability to adapt to your needs

B) If a quick time to hire is the most important factor

Gun-io and Flexiple are your best options once again. These platforms focus on getting you what you need as quickly as possible and most employers can begin their projects within 2 to 7 days after first contact.

C) If you are only looking for short-term work

If you need freelancers for a single project then you should consider Fiverr or Upwork. Both give you access to a huge variety of skill sets and experience levels so you can find the perfect freelancer and only pay for the experience level you need.

One drawback of Fiverr and Upwork is that none of the freelancers offering their services on these platforms have been prescreened, so employers should exercise caution. It might be best to offer a new freelancer a very small project before allowing them to tackle something more important.

D) If you are only looking for long-term work

If you are looking for long-term hires to strengthen your team, you should consider or Revelo. These companies provide their customers with full-time hires who are not meant to work only on a single project, but rather to become a permanent part of the team.

These companies also manage all of the compliance issues involved with hiring someone from another country as well as payroll and benefits for the employees.

E) If you want to hire a dedicated team of developers

If you are looking for an entire team of software engineers to get your project done from end to end, then Gigster is your best bet. Gigster specializes in providing companies with outsourced tech teams, complete with project managers, that will complete the job from start to finish.

The hands-off approach may take a lot of stress off your plate but be prepared, you will pay for the ease of use. Gigster is a great resource for large companies but may be too pricy for small companies or startups.

F) If you want to affordably hire dedicated developers who aren’t freelancers

If you are looking to hire full-time, permanent, remote workers without breaking the bank, then Revelo is the right choice for you. Revelo offers its clients a broad range of tech talent from Latin America, all of whom have been carefully vetted and screened for skills and personality so they can fit into your team seamlessly from day one.

What's more, Revelo does all this at a significantly lower cost than Toptal and some of its competitors.


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