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Flat, transparent pricing. No hidden fees. Full-time remote developers who work in your team.

Flat monthly fee + developer salary

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Zero risk.

If for any reason you find your new hires are not a good fit within the first 14 days - you pay nothing or we can find you a replacement at no additional cost.

A full-stack remote talent solution

Revelo understands the challenge of hiring developers outside the US when it comes to dealing with payroll, taxes, and HR. That’s why we cover all that for you and more. Focus on building while we handle all the paperwork.


Payroll, taxes, and compliance


Benefits including health insurance


Remote onboarding support


IT and hardware support


Churn guarantee

Flat monthly fee
+ developer salary
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We match you with the top 1%

of 1,000,000+ software engineers in Latin America who have excellent technical skills, English proficiency, and strong soft skills. We find our clients can employ Latin American tech talent at half the cost of US-based talent, even when matched for seniority and years of experience.


Revelo is 100% transparent when it comes to our fee structure and the salary of any candidate you onboard. You will always know how much your developer is getting paid.

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